This team never delivers on time!

Agile delivery product

There are times for every client when their development team takes on something that they cannot deliver. Regardless of the size of the organization and the project.

The nature of zones of influence

Scrum Master influence graphic

Zones of influence are a very important issue that should be clarified with a potential decision-maker frankly and almost immediately.

How to choose an Agile coach

First of all, let me explain how to distinguish a coach from a trainer. A coach helps to change or develop someone’s behavioral patterns to help them through obstacles that they cannot overcome because of their personality traits and manifestations. A trainer, on the other hand, transfers knowledge. Wanting to charge more and calling yourself […]

The user interface and Agile

Our special responsibility as Scrum Masters is to guide stakeholders through these steps! If we don’t do this, the only thing achieved by the methodology will at best be a set of items produced very efficiently, in high quality and large quantities, but with only potential business value. And this is hardly compatible with the […]

Burndown Chart, one of the best friends to Scrum Masters

Burndown Charts are one of the simplest and most versatile agile methodology support tools. Their sole purpose is to give anyone who comes near the team the ability to be informed in 20 seconds about what is happening with the team.