Value Stream Mapping
& Training

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

  • We’ll teach you how to map your value stream in a way that is accepted by the whole organization.
  • We’ll teach you the fundamental measurements and their sources to get a true picture of the actual delivery capacity of your value stream. See where and how you should improve your processes and particular steps.
  • We’ll teach you how to synthesize the data and take advantage of the development and improvement opportunities generated by VSM.
  • We will teach and develop with you the system of measurement tools that meet the methodological and professional statistical requirements, and then the accompanying report. It’s not magic! 🙂

We don’t just teach, we work with you in the field!

We don’t just teach, we work with you in the field!

Form of training


120,000 Ft

/ person 2 * 1.5 hours


170,000 Ft

/ person 3 * 1.5 hours

processing individual situations and problems


3,050,000 Ft

According to the VSM methodology, but we are moving at a pace allowed by your circumstances.

In addition to the value stream map, we also put together the tools for fundamental measurements and the first tangible steps to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Prices include tax.

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