The senior team

Balázs Tornai

Senior Agile coach

Teams and clients utilize successfully the set of organizational transformation tools that I have been developing for 15+ years. You can always count on me in the field.

Lívia Csáki

Senior Scrum Master, Mentor

As lead mentor, I teach and guide Scrum Masters. In addition, I’ve been taking part in agile transformation projects as a senior Scrum Master for the last five years.

Tibor Elek

Senior Scrum Master

I value open, transparent dialogue that builds trust between people within the team and the whole organization.

Péter Vesszős

Senior Scrum Master, Product Owner

Focus and strong cohesion within the team are essential for value delivery. In my work, I pay special attention to both.

Sándor Kiss

Senior Product Owner, Scrum Master

Four years ago, I jumped into the world of agility as a business analyst. Since then, as Product Owner and Scrum Master, I have been helping teams stay focused on value delivery.

Dávid Tornai

Senior sales & complex projects

Coordinating sales systems and value delivery processes is essential for sustainable operations. This is my mission.

Vince Láng

Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master, I put a lot of emphasis on working together in a relaxed atmosphere. This not only increases the efficiency of the team, but also makes it easier to complete daily tasks.

Balázs Csata

Senior Scrum Master, product owner

Focus, transparency and a deep understanding of business processes is essential to the value delivery of the team. I represent these values as Senior Scrum Master and Product Owner.