Agile & Lean transformation

The time-to-market competition is becoming more challenging in all sectors.
Currently, the correct application of Lean and Agile methodologies is the best solution if we want to beat the market. Agile methodologies are the best tools for organizations in the knowledge economy to increase both customer and employee satisfaction.

We get a kick out of our customers soaring!

We are passionate about our work and the clients we work with.

Many counselors share smart ideas, but… We believe knowledge transfer is not enough. We will actually put into practice what we teach – with you. If you wish, we can arrange for you a meeting with our customers, where you may discuss the common issues that raise questions in your business.

How it works

Each member of our team has been a student in our school. We know and trust each other, and have a complete understanding of our limitations. That’s why we share the stage with each other, so that our customers get the best solutions.

We usually agree on a fixed monthly budget and work with full transparency: we account for each hour and result on a daily basis.

We only work together as long as it feels good for the both of us professionally and businesswise. We don’t spend a single minute of anyone’s time unnecessarily.

No „hotel traps”. If you wish, we leave within 24 hours. In return, we focus on you being able to use what we teach on your own, after the first few occasions. 

We continually demo our results and discuss the next move. 

Developing a vision and a transformation strategy takes time, but in the meantime we solve issues and create business value in the short term.

We can’t know everything. However, we do know incredibly valuable people who are happy to work with us and our clients on well-defined issues.

So you don’t have to worry: we admit if there is something we don’t know and we can get someone who will deliver an excellent solution for you in such a matter.

Method of service:

Method of service:

As we work these out, we get to know each other and make an experience-based transformation roadmap for you.
Get ready: if you say “GO”, we will not slow down! Every two weeks, we plan and agree on how much work from our team will be needed.


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