Corporate training

Complex agile training courses tailored to your organization’s needs

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Our complex training courses transferring our 20+ years of field experience provide your colleagues with practical knowledge they can immediately use the next day.

Our training materials are tailored to your organization’s needs, so your colleagues can become professionals who work towards your organization’s goals.

What can you count on us to help you with and what will you gain?

We train Agile experts who are responsible for the market performance and the quality of your product or service and your development team’s efficiency. With our help you will deliver business value to your customers in less time, so you can provide them with impeccable and high-quality work that meets their real needs.

We give our training courses on-site at your organization and consider your organization’s specific characteristics, but live online training courses are also available on demand.

Product Owner training

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The Product Owner is the heart and soul of the product’s market performance and the responsible person for setting the right priorities for product development and maximizing business value. The Product Owner continuously does research and develops the product while following the Agile methodology.

Product evolution mainly depends on the Product Owner’s ability to motivate the different stakeholders towards the next best business idea, that’s why the Product Owner has the broadest authority within the organization over the product and resources. We will teach your colleague everything to become a master of product development.

Scrum Master training

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The Scrum Master is the methodological supporter of the development teams and projects. Although the Scrum Master is not a technical person, both business stakeholders and development teams are able to create significantly better value due to the Scrum Master’s supportive role.

The Scrum Master teaches, searches, develops, and implements Agile methodological practices in the organization while supporting team members to focus on the valuable tasks without becoming tired and burned out. The Scrum Master’s work leads to a much healthier and more supportive organizational culture contributing to long-term employee retention.

Automation Tester training

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Introduce test automation processes within your organization and maximize valuable developer hours by increasing efficiency. With our multi-level automation tester training courses, we can train your colleagues without any previous qualifications to become professionals who can effectively participate in checking and improving the quality requirements of product development.

Job outsourcing

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You don’t have a colleague who you would retrain, but you need an Agile workforce with premium skills? We can help you.

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