Win the time-to-market competition with Agile!

Win the time-to-market competition with Agile!

Agile methodologies are the best tools for organizations in the knowledge economy to serve market needs in the most focused way possible, while increasing customer and employee satisfaction. If that’s not why you’re here… don’t read on.

Who is Balagile for?

  • You want or need Agile transformation, but need to carry on working in the meantime
  • You’d gladly improve your efficiency, but don’t want to burn yourself or your people out
  • You don’t have a Scrum Master/Agile Coach capable of in-house transformation

Agile is not only useful and effective in software development. It’s also a sector- and industry-independent approach and toolkit.

We don’t just teach, we work with you in the field!

We don’t just teach, we work with you in the field!

Unlike consultants who reveal “wisdom” and leave the client with their problems…

We work with my most talented students in every Agile transformation, with dedicated end-to-end support and tangible results. Together with you in the field.

DO NOT ask us

  • how could fewer people do the same amount of work?
  • „Pressure makes diamond” type of leadership
  • “We did it well so far, only…”
  • “Twice as much revenue in half the time!”

We like to work with people, who are serious about business

In return:

  • We give you knowledge that you can apply the next day
  • The cooperation may be cancelled within 24 hours… By us too. No traps.

What we give

Value Stream Map (VSM) Training

We will teach and develop with you the system of measurement tools that meet the methodological and professional statistical requirements, and then the accompanying report. It’s not magic! 🙂

Agile transformation for startups, intrapreneurs and SMEs

Give us or let us find three issues that we solve as we begin the transformation.

As we work these out, we get to know each other and make an experience-based roadmap for you.

Our Partners:

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