We will teach and create with you a value stream map and analysis that supports internal stakeholder communication and optimization efforts, along with measurement and decision support elements.


Product Owner School is Hungary’s only 15 session, intensive, entry-level online training course. Next training: November 15

How Project and Portfolio Managers can utilize economic principles and practices in everyday use. Math examples, formulas, calculations.

This application provides Scrum Masters and Project Managers with a measurement and reporting tool with analytics and graphs to support business decision making. We teach you how to use it at an outstanding level and with lightning speed, as well as how to interpret the results.

Agile contracting results in the least possible risk on the part of both the customer and the supplier, while guaranteeing the conditions for continuous value creation and delivery with the help of agile and lean frameworks.

Scrum Master School is Hungary’s only 18 session, intensive, entry-level online training course. Next training: november 22.

Currently, the correct application of Lean and Agile methodologies is the best solution if we want to beat the market and increase both customer and employee satisfaction.

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It’s a place for change agents and strategic decision makers where agile transformation practicalities are just a few clicks away. We guarantee you anonymity, real time connection and applicable action items.