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manager at your company!

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How can you manage emerging human resource needs cost-effectively?
Should new employees be recruited or can training be a solution?

If the IT team is not agile, there is usually only one answer to the shortage of human resources: recruiting new professionals. This is always the most expensive solution and burdens the organization several ways.

Within an agile IT organization, there is more leeway. By increasing efficiency, the existing team may also be able to cope with the challenges, and complete multiple projects successfully on time.

The solution: Agile training

We will strengthen your IT team with a tested, energetic Product Owner or Scrum Master through our modular training. These are not 2-day high-speed training sessions, but 15-20 occasions long, effective trainings that determine the leading edge in Hungary.

After the exams, it will be tangible how much more your colleagues know, and we will also show you how to measure your financial performance. This way, fewer resources will be enough to perform more tasks, reaching business goals more cost-effective and faster.

And you, dear HR manager, will be the source and driver of this.
The colleagues you send us who successfully complete the training will become real agile change agents.

The resources developed in this way authentically implement agility in-house, and may increase your reputation on the market.

Fluctuation decreases

The retaining power of agile teams and environments is much stronger than in the classic operating model > the load on recruiters is lower.

Smaller teams

Thanks to the training, smaller teams will be able to perform the tasks or take more on, sustainably.

Learning organization

With trained Product Owners and Scrum Masters product development is faster while support areas are more successful. You too. Train with us!

Quick return

At first, you will need a trained Scrum Master and Product Owner, not an agile coach. Instead of paying a hefty daily allowance, we provide in-house knowledge. Our training pays off within a year.

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